Issues Affecting Knysna

Resolved Issues :

The closing down of an illegal creche in Boekenhout Street in Upper Old Place

Unresolved Issues :

  • The looming water crisis
  • Exhaust brakes from trucks on N2
  • Unnecessary use of sirens in town
  • Siting of the mosque
  • Illegal appointment of the Municipal Manager
  • George Rex wetland development
  • Pierpoint development
  • Shelving of the bypass
  • Exorbitant salaries of officials
  • ISDF Tender awarded illegally
  • All vehicle purchases from one dealer >R700k
  • Five High-speed Jukes for Traffic Dept at R400k each
  • Bursary of R29k given to a councillor for private studies
  • Electrical tenders of >R1m given by an official to her husband
  • DA adverts paid for with ratepayers’ money before last election
  • Forest dwellers being evicted by Suspicious award of ISDF tender
  • Tourism Dept subsidised by R4m
  • Organogram Tender accepted was R400k higher than next tender
  • Persecution of whistle-blowers, etc


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